Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cherries are in!

Alright, sneaking a picture of Ellie at her finest. She loves the sun.

So, good news! We got the cherry trees in. The one at the top of the hill is the Stella and the lower one is the Bada Bing. They were both bare root trees with some potting soil on them so we could keep them in the pot until now. We weren't expecting it, but as soon as we pulled them out of the pot, all the soil fell off. This caused a few seconds of panic, but then we remembered what the nursery guy had told us...they are bare root, but he put them in soil so they would last. They did, about a month or more in the pot. We even saw some healthy new white roots growing in the pot. Hope these take off nicely!

Spring is in the air

Okay, it's a beautiful day, and we decided to plant a tree or two. Okay, so the lower trees are going to require a fence, so those will be a little extra work...okay a lot of extra work, so instead we will do the ones inside the fence. We are thinking continue
with the cherries inside the fence.

The second picture is probably more like what we will have. None of these are specifically Bada Bing cherries, so not sure where we will end up there in regards to looks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Skiing in California

Okay, it's been a bit long since the last post...not from lack of activities, so let's catch up. First, Matt and I had a great day on the was special for a couple reasons;
- first ski day in 2009!
- really nice weather, snow was reasonably good...we found some really nice runs
- first time skiing with Matt, since we last saw each other about 30 years ago at CCHS
- rented a really nice pair of skis, which if I were to buy a pair, these would be a nice pair...
Salomon Tornado XWing i think....178 cm
- We went to Squaw Valley

The photo is from lunch the week before...our first rendezvous after 30 plus we both live in the greater San Francisco area.