Saturday, January 4, 2014

Visiting San Francisco

The view at the Legion of Honor
Frances came out to visit in the fall and we went into the city.  I took her to one of my favorite spots, and let her explore the city a bit on her own which I think she was dying to do.  This is the end of the line on Hyde Street, just below the famous Buena Vista bar for Irish coffee, and just above South End Rowing Club, my favorite swimming spot.

I think she's happy.  Me too.  So happy she wanted to visit and put the effort into making it happen.  We really had a nice time.
This is where I was headed.  Aquatic Park.  That's Alcatraz in the background, about 1.5 away.  You can see a swimmer below the main mast of the tall ship.

Legion of Honor Rodin's Thinker

Love this view from the top of the De Young Museum.  See the Golden Gate bridge?
French countryside impressionists.
Nice front yard at the Legion.
Really can't beat the view at the Legion of Honor.
Art resembles life?
Ready for lunch.
Chinatown San Francisco