Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yay Summer!

It's hard to not get excited when mother nature does her thing.  In the foreground is my latest harvest, (and one of my first of the season) zucchini and green beans, a few strawberries, and in the background, from the farmer's market, some un-godly number of pounds of cherries.  We caught the tail end of the Redwood City Saturday market.  It goes 8:00am -12 noon, and we show up at 12:30pm.  Most stands were taken down, and even this one was near down.  He had a huge box of cherries.  I think he said 18 pounds?  So, we got em for $19.  We're washing and pitting, and Kirsty is making a pie.  The pie is all about the crust, well, as long as you have fresh fruit.  Which, we do.

Here's Sarah's scones, using part of the 1/2 flat of strawberries from the farmer's market the week before.  We looked into selling prepared food at the farmer's market.  There's a bit to it, beyond just showing up with your wares.  You have to get a license from the county.  You have to prepare your food in a certified kitchen.  And then, you need to get a permit to get a spot at the farmer's market.  All said, it could easily be a couple thousand even before you start talking about ingredients let alone equipment.  A few shortcuts came to mind, like using the kitchen of a certified restaurant, which all of them are.  And selling in a booth with someone else.  Still, there are a few hurdles, even if you are just experimenting.

Another big bit of the berries went into Sarah's strawberry pie.  Doesn't that look delicious?  It's a juxtaposition of a photo because we started eating it before I thought of snapping a picture.  See the heart-shaped vent?  It's what I would call a Sarah signature.

Jib Jab with Tim
Thanks for the encouragement to get back into the writing.  I really enjoy it, especially when I hear from you.  I've been working on family stuff which has taken all my energy lately, and it's been hard to think about anything but.  So, anyway, I'm trying to get back in the saddle.  Thanks for your patience and prodding!

This is a bouquet of roses comes from our garden.  We planted a rose bush for each of our kids.  They've been moved unceremoniously.  Trimmed irregularly, watered sometimes, yet, they keep coming back, as beautiful as ever.  Lately, our focus has been on the yellow one.  I think he's coming back.