Sunday, October 28, 2012

Museum of Fine Art, Boston

That`s Sarah next to the Chihuly exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston.  It`s 40 feet tall and made of like 2,200 individual pieces in lime green, totaling several tons.  Beautiful and impressive.  We also saw Mario Testino, the famous Vogue photographer.  Sarah was turned off by his use of native "primative" women mixed with "modern" "1st world models".  I see her point.  His work elicits a big wow.  It`s the message we had trouble with.  After that, we kinda ran outta time.  Discouraging.  Note to self;  give Boston FAM 4 hours, and note the early close time.

Edward Gorey House

Edward Gorey house. What is exciting place.  Remember the PBS Mystery Theater?  That was Edward Gorey who did the illustrations.  Sarah has been working at EGH this summer and just finished her assignment.  She fell in love with Rick and the museum.  So did I.  Such an incredibly comfortable, energizing, well, vibe.  I slept in Edward Gorey's room!  A doubtful guest!  It's a must see on the cape, in Yarmouth Port.

Cape Cod

I just arrived in Cape Cod and just in time for Sarah to take me down the Cape to Provincetown.  we had a beautiful sunset. it was a gorgeous call me evening.  we were nearly the only ones on the beach.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Golfing for Dad's 80th Birthday

Happy birthday Dad!  That's Dan, and me behind the lens of course.  This is a course John shared with us.  Unfortunately, he couldn't join us.   It was a beautiful day and virtually no one on the course out in Aurora.  Dad loves golf.  Dan and I play about once a year with Dad, and enjoy it, but somehow never get to more than the one time a year.  Dad's a great teacher and still hits the ball real well.  I hope I'm doing as well at 80.  The irony is my older brother, John loves golf.

 I throw this photo in to show you how picturesque the course is, and yet, virtually unused on a 75 degree Saturday afternoon.
 There's me staring down a long put.  I had a great day, aside from my golf.
 Dan, on the other hand, had a stellar day.  The last hole was this big water obstacle, and Danny lofts a perfect arch, landing it up perfectly on the green.  Maybe his best shot of the day and at the best time to do it.  Dad had a great day too, including a different hole, putting his tee shot about 8 inches off the pin.  Wow!! 
 Me, on the other hand, spent way too much time off in the weeds.  So to speak.  :-)
 This is Dan on the last hole.  I told you, pretty nice lie.  Darn it, he still 3 putted, but it doesn't take away from a great tee shot.  We'll remember that for years to come.
We rented shopping carts for our bags as shown.  The blue bag was our rental.  Dad has been dealing with blood clots in his legs, which cause him pain.  It has to do with how fast he walks, and he said golfing pace works just fine for him, and it did.  We did not wait for Dad one bit.

Jib Jab with Tim
This was a great day.  So many wouldn't agree, if I described it on the surface, which is part of why I loved it.  We walked over to the course, and the starter came out to greet us and invite us on the course.  We ended up chatting with her for about 20 minutes.  My brother John was totally enjoying her, which in and of itself was super nice.  The last group she started was on about hole 4, and the only other person on the course was ahead of them, so no pressure whatsoever.  Low cost, high on beautiful day.  Happy birthday, Dad!

One note, the photos are low res, somehow I hit the wrong setting on my camera.  I was so disappointed!  Well, life goes on.  The course is a par 3.  Centre Hills, Aurora, CO.

My bro, John is a photographer, and now a blogger.  He just started his today.