Saturday, January 23, 2010

Persimmon Bread

This is adventure bread. Lisa, let me know when you read this. You kept saying, come over for some persimmons, so I did. We tried to meet up, but kept missing each other, so I waited for a your front yard, and admiring your huge gorgeous persimmon tree with lots of perfect fruit on it...and then, well, I let myself in the backyard, and noticed, hmmm, a step ladder and a branch trimmer...hmmm....what if I ... just cut down a couple...okay 4 or, geez, what if that's not enough? Fine, 10-12 persimmons.... So, here's the persimmon bread. It was really tasty. Thanks for the recipe, Lisa! The persimmon adds a light deliciousness to it. I will add the recipe soon.

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