Saturday, August 14, 2010

Farmer's Markets I've been to around San Carlos

We are really enjoying farmer's market shopping, and finding more and more of them around, to the point where we have more days with, than without local farmer's market shopping.  Here's where we're at:

Kaiser Hospital (corner of Maple and just before Jefferson):  Wednesday -  10 am - 2 pm
Palo Alto (corner of University and Emerson)  Wednesday 330pm - 630 pm
San Carlos, Laurel street, starting around Arroyo  - Thursday 4-7pm
Redwood City, just behind Sequoia Station  -  Saturday 8 or 9 to 1 pm
San Mateo Community College  Saturday 8-1pm
Belmont train station:  Sunday 9am - 1pm

Redwood City, just behind Sequoia Station 
- Saturday 8 or 9 to 1 pm

Selection ****
Quality    ****
Price       *****

I haven't done this one in a very long time, and today, I wondered why.  It's a pretty big one, lots of farmers, and a few baked items.   What seemed different about this one, it seemed more straight up farmer to consumer, and less playing into the whole organic, heirloom, and so on.  What am I trying to say?  It's not like the super fancy ferry building market in San Francisco.  It's well, just straight up farmers with really good harvest.

What did we find?  Lots of peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, and still plenty of strawberries, and some raspberries and blackberries.  Yes, some Asian greens.  Some beans.  Tomatoes, potatoes, eggs.  Chilies, some oranges and stuff too.

Tricks and treats:  We showed up super late in the day, we just happened onto it basically.  Rather than farmers dropping prices, we found a move to huge packages at huge discounts.  A flat of 12 strawberries for $5.  Yes, they were on their last day, for sure, but super tasty.  Kirsty asked a guy for a tomato.  One.  We ended up buying 26 pounds for $10.  Yes, 2-3 were bruised and needed to be cut up immediately. From the same guy, he gave us 5 pounds of awesome grapes for $2.  What else?  Regular price was a flat of eggs (30 eggs) organic, cage free for $5.

San Carlos, Laurel street, starting around Arroyo.  
Thursday 4-7pm

Selection *****
Quality    *****
Price       ****
This is our favorite, probably partly because we see everyone in town, we look forward to it every year.  Love the produce.  Also some flower vendors, and the roasted chicken and potato guy...what else?  Oh, a grass fed beef guy, and a couple bakery stands, also fresh and frozen fish.  Lots of organic, greens, and all the fruits and vegetables.

Tricks and treats:
Best prices on strawberries and raspberries just before closing.
Really really good baked items from the guy who comes down from Navato or Marin.  I forget their name.

San Mateo Community College  
Saturday 8-1pm

Selection *****
Quality    *****
Price       ****
Okay, this is the best selection, best stuff anywhere.  It's huge, more vendors.  Very top end everything.  The only negatives, well, no one seemed to negotiate.  Not really a negative, just used to the others being up for it.  The quality was really exceptional, so the price thing wasn't much of a detraction or deterrence.

Tricks and treats:
Best corn ever.  Sounds strange.  Don't laugh till you try it.  There literally was a 10 minute line to get some.  Great mushroom guy.

Belmont train station:  
Sunday 9am - 1pm

Selection ***
Quality    ****
Price       ****

Generally, a smaller market, but definitely good.  Greens, fruit, some basic veggies, peppers.  one guy selling frozen fish direct from his dad in Alaska.  A fun market.

Tips and tricks:
Park at Safeway, across the street.  I think the corn guy from San Mateo was there.

Kaiser Hospital (corner of Maple and just before Jefferson):  
Wednesday -  10 am - 2 pm

I went here, more just passing through.  It's small.  Maybe 6-8 stands.  Bolani's Afghan stuff.  Some veggies and fruit.  Nothing that really stands out, but probably good in a pinch or if you are in the area.

Palo Alto (corner of University and Emerson)
Wednesday 330pm - 630 pm
I went by here, but didn't stop in.  It is relatively small, but from what I saw, fairly impressive.
Not much else, just that it's a bit far for me, but again, it's one more, if in the area and yeah.


  1. Hehehe. I know!! We forgot to look for the egg person this weekend, but we did get a huge 28 pounds of super good peaches and some tomatoes for $20.00 and then he said help yourself to some additional we added like 5 pounds of grapes and I forget what else. The peaches are soooo sooo good!! So are the grapes and tomatoes. The only thing that wasn't great were the strawberries...