Sunday, November 7, 2010

Australia, tons of fun

My new possum hair sweater and cockatiel
We had such a great time in Sydney, and Melbourne, it's hard to capture the moment.  The food, arts, the scenery, the people, and the adventures.  Every day there was new excitement.  Here's some of the big memories, and actually will probably turn into their own blog posts.
Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Landmarks-  The Rocks, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Harbour bridge, the Opera House, Manly and Bondi beaches, and the park in Sydney, and the zoo.

Exotic (to us) food- Barramundi, Kangaroo, Crocodile, possum (just kidding! :-) )  I forget what else.  We had so much good food. 

Art- Bondi beach art walk, sculptures everywhere, Sydney art museum, Aboriginal paintings, didgeridoo, boomerangs
Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool just south of the Opera House in the Royal Botanic Gardens - that's me in the blue cap!

Pools- Well, based on input from friends, I tried the pool at Bondi, where the ocean splashes into the pool,  the best swim I have ever had in a pool.  I had great luck at the hotels as well.  Certainly the Marriott in Sydney and the Langham in Melbourne.  Both had really nice atmosphere, and views.  Both were around level 9 or so, adding some drama as well.  Then, on our way back to Sydney, Kirsty found this other fantastic pool in Sydney, on the edge of the park, by the Navy ships.  Beautiful pool, infinite-style lengthwise, then big gutters at water height front and back.  Salt water, with new, nice starting blocks, probably 7 feet deep at the starting line, and of course 50 meters, like Bondi.  Yes, overlooking the bay, but not water rushing in, like Bondi.  A new high-bar for a competitive pool.


  1. Jennie, Thanks for the request. I am planning on it, just haven't gotten to it yet! Soon though, soon. Tim

  2. You and Kirsty are so positive and in love with life, Tim. It's infectious and always makes me want to read more...see more of you two...plan our next get-together!

  3. Yay!! So glad to hear you get something from the writing, thanks for saying so! You are making me smile ear-to-ear, Krish. Yes, we want to get together soon, too. Maybe on a less dramatic note, after our last crazy visit! I think back now, and still find it was an exceptionally crazy day!