Friday, January 28, 2011

$10 Million Morning

PCC Friday Morning
Another great day in paradise.

This photo is after the 6am swim.  At 6, it was dark and foggy, and calm.  You hear a few swimmers warming up as you come in.  It's so quiet and peaceful, and exuding the plethora of opportunities the day holds.  Such a good part of the morning.  Get in, go back and forth.  It's such a great way to wake up, head clearing, and getting centered.  The darkness and fog helps to keep me centered on me.  Fog  lifting, daylight inching in.  Happiness filling my veins.  Life is good.
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  1. Ok Tim. Chris Cuv is on the blog. Am I the first one from Team Zola? Although, I just want to make sure I am one of the first four. See you in the pool!

  2. Chris!! Hello World!! Yes, you are the first of team Zola to make your mark, as it should be, our namesake. I'll be in the pool today. Day one, meter mania.... Go team ZOLA!

  3. OK Tim -- found the blog. Love the swimming and will be trying the recipes... let's talk about Pulgas Ranch sometime... ( will bring samples Saturday