Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skeggs - on the Peninsula mountian biking

This is Rich, pointing out the Skeggs trail.  It's a ride I've been hoping to do for years, so glad I finally got a partner to do it with.  Why do I keep finding the fast riders?  Pretty much, ate dust both rides, but had a blast.  We ended up going to Alices for a bite after.  Another classic place.
This gives you an idea of what the scenery is like, as well as some of what we ran across on the ride.  I would have had more pictures, if I wasn't so far behind Rich, the whole day.
Not a lot of vistas, but some.
We're in the deep woods most of the ride.  Hardly saw anyone either.  It's supposed to be a crowded, ride, but we didn't see it.

This was my view most of the day, when I could see him.  Following.

It is beautiful.  Just beautiful.

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