Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiking in Seattle, Olymic Foothills/Puget Sound

Brian and Bula took me for a walk in this beautiful wilderness area north of Brian's place.  He lives in Mukilteo, just across the Sound from Whidbey Island.  I've got to ask Brian again, the name of the area, about a ninety minute drive away, north.
 Boulder River Trail, Boulder River Wilderness - Puget Sound / Olympic Foothills WA
I did a little research, and Brian said this area is called the Boulder River Trail just beyond Arlington, about 20 miles, almost to Darrington.  You take a right on a nearly unmarked road off 530, called French Creek Road or Road 2010.  Parking and the trailhead is about 3.5 miles in.  In a nutshell, this is a gorgeous area, maybe typical of the Pacific Northwest.  Wet, drizzly, rainy, waterfalls, huge cedar, if not redwoods, huge maple, and others, lots of waterfalls, and moss and ferns and very dense.
We had an incredible hike to conclude my awesome trip to Seattle.  Bula is two, and a near-white golden retriever.  He's a total retriever, jumping in the river, sniffing the trail for creatures, and always waiting for his dad. Really nice pup.

Brian and I go way back.  As far back as any friend I have.  It was quite a treat to get together again, the first time I've visited him in his new home.  Ironically, we talked about the challenges of being parents, again and again, realizing what a challenge we were to our parents.  Ah, poetic justice.  I wonder if my parents will read this, and get a chuckle.

A man and his faithful friend.

Brian and Carol's view.  There's Whidbey Island across the Sound.  Ironically, this is where Rich and Cindy my new friends from the Bay area also have a house Rich has told me about.  Jennie, another friend from high school met my new friends Cindy and Rich on Whidbey.  Amazing coincidence, and all part of that connectedness.  :-)   Jennie Shortridge is an author who has inspired me with her writing, and now has helped my new friend who attended her writing workshop on Whidbey.

The bridge becomes a photo theme.

 These waterfall photos are taken after Brian gave me a photo tip.  I adjusted the shutter speed to about 1/10th of a second.  It gives the water that flowing look.  Very cool.  Thanks Brian! Brian is an awesome photographer now, and when we were kids.

Here's Brian's photo of the mushroom we found.  I really like how the light glows from the base of it, and the short depth of field creates twinkling hexagon reflections in the background.  These things weren't everywhere, which made it kinda special when we found them.  Nicely crafted photo Brian, nice job.


  1. Great photos, Tim. I gotta get up to that part of the world.

  2. You asked why people love it here and it was hard to explain. It looks like now you've witnessed it, yes? Thanks for these beautiful pics, Tim.

  3. Peter, that means a lot coming from you. Thanks! It is beautiful. I think people thought I was a fanatic, because everywhere I turned, I was going on about the scenery. I could feel the Indians living in the area, fishing and hunting and so on, even in the midst of the city, I could see the natural beauty.

  4. Jennie, I was enchanted with the natural beauty. The fall colors contrasted with the old growth redwoods were amazing. The grey color of the misty cloudy sky saturates the fall colors too. So many brilliant reds and yellows and oranges and greens. Thanks for the compliment!