Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summitting the Grand Teton

We broke up into two teams, and this is who I summitted with.  Mark, in the middle is Paul's brother-in-law, who I know from another Grand event, and Bryan, to the right is my new friend.  He's 17, same as Pog.  His dad says the family has been coming to Grand Teton National Park forever.  Brian has a passion for climbing since he was little.  His dream was to climb the Grand Tetons, so his parents turned him loose, and we happened to be at the right place, right time to share the adventure with him.

It's a little hazy from the huge forest fires in Idaho.  What a great trip.  More to come.  We used Exum guides, Josh Beckner was our premiere guide, not shown here.

I'll sort through more of Mike's photos, and mine soon.  In the meantime, take a look and comment.
Me at 3:00am preparing for climb.  A little sleepy, disoriented, and yeah.  Six hours later, we were on top, at 9:00am.  We started at about 4:30am in the dark, with headlamps and ropes.