Friday, November 2, 2012

Crossing Colorado

We crossed the Colorado border last night as the sun was setting.  Wow.  It's so beautful!  We came in from the northeast on I 80 from Nebraska, then cutting across I 76 to Denver.  Yes, Nebraska gets pretty remote, but still lots of huge farms.  Once you cut into Colorado, it really does become wild.  Unchanged, and natural.  Really, the first time I felt that across the whole country.  Sure, we saw nature and lots of it.  This is different though.  Nature was surrounded by nature.  Lacking the aquarium feel.  No fences or buildings and so on.

This is where I grew up.  Speaking of unchanged.... :-)  It's starting to look like it doesn't fit in the neighborhood anymore, well, except to me.

Along the way, love the landscape.

Lots of driving.  Beautiful open road.

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