Sunday, February 3, 2013

Draw Me A Story!

That's Malcolm at the Los Altos Art Museum.  LAAM brought in Malcolm's series of children's book illustrators from the Cartoon Art Museum.  Yep, he is the founder of the Cartoon Art Museum.  This  traveling collection has been all over the United States already.  The exhibit includes the work of various artists from the last 100 years; illustrators and comic artists show the breadth and techniques of the craft, from idea to art to print, and how processes and techniques have evolved over the past century.  It's a fascinating study of ways to tell a children's story.
Here's Malcolm with three generations, Kirsty, Sarah and Karen, none prouder than his daugher, Kirsty.  :-) It really was a fun day and an impressive collection and exhibit.
 Here is the art work for a book as the illustrator created it.  You can see all the reference colors and notes in the margins that get used for production.
Here is the final book cover.  Cool!
Here's a nice piece on some of Malcolm Whyte's history.  You can see how this exhibit is a good representation from his experience.  Pretty cool!
 Kirsty is featuring one of the artists from upstairs here.  She is a first grade teacher, and wanted to remember this image.  I think she has some ideas on how she may use this in her class.  Wouldn't you love to see this in your first grade classroom?

Sarah and Kirsty enjoying.
 There was a presentation from the curators thanking all the major donors, as well as the artists on-sight.  At the time, I thought this woman had quite a presence, showing an extraordinary amount of attention to the donor-curator love-fest so I took a picture.
 Later, Sarah and I were upstairs, looking at a comic strip, and the more we read it, the more we were laughing and enjoying it.  The comic is about this character reaching in the fridge for jam, and finding there wasn't any left, so she decided to make some, first, by picking cherry-plums from the neighborhood.  Then...there was a mention of a San Carlos park in one of the panels!  We both looked at each other, saying; "Oh!"  I was thinking, we make jam!  We live in San Carlos!  The more we looked and read, we began to realize the young award-winning artist who created this is from San Carlos, and is a 16 years old.  We liked her.
 Just as we were realizing these things, and loving the strip, this young dynamo, Emma came up to us to introduce herself!  This photo is vintage Emma.  She is a bundle of energy, with a contagious personality.  She's already giving back to the community, including teaching at 826 Valentia.  She's going to be fun to follow, and hopefully we will see her around town.  You can see her strip, the Chapel Chronicles on her website.

Mid-conversation she offered to make a sketch for Sarah, even in the midst of all this attention and goings-on.  It was really quite a generous gesture, from quite an inspirational young woman.  Keep your eyes out for Emma T Capps!

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