Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trans Tahoe Invitational, July 17th and other stuff

I am really feeling good.

My breathing feels big and full.  My shoulders and back and chest feel strong.  My whole body.  The thing is, a week ago, I just broke a dry streak (pun intended).  I last swam regularly mid April.  Since then, I have been traveling and working a lot.  Definitely messed up my exercise balance.  After a streak like that, everything gets out of balance for me.  Eating, sleeping, just lower energy, and it takes its toll on attitude and motivation.  Everything seems like it gets priority besides my swimming.  It's hard to motivate.

All that said, I feel good today.  I swam 4 days this week.  I missed Monday and Friday, work still getting in the way, but today was the 4th day this week.  Saturday is a longer workout too, and sometimes requires extra motivation.  There's a 6am, 7:15am and an 8:30.  It's easy to skip the early ones, which is what I did, but got the last one in.  And did a bit over 2 miles.  I love this feeling.  It's like happy pills.  I've paid the 4 days of work, to get it back, and now it's like happy pills.

I dropped down a lane, just to not overstress, and get back into the swing of things without injuring myself.  I ended up leading the lane most of the workout, none-the-less.  Even still, I held back a little just so I didn't hurt myself.  And in the end, it was an awesome workout, and I feel great.  The previous weeks are now behind me, and I am looking at getting ready for Trans Tahoe.  It's coming up quick.  I am the old guy on my team, so I don't want to hold my guys back too much.  Here's some pictures from last year.

Jib Jab
World Cup
USA has some work to do.  Again, they let in a goal in the first 15 minutes.  Ugh.  They just do not look strong.  Come on guys.  They do have a history of finishing strong.  Looking forward to the second half.

Go USA!!!  Overtime!!  Tied 1-1  Doooh!

Here it is, end of June, and we barely got the garden in.  I still don't have the gardener started on my big re-do.  Hopefully I'll get that in today, and started for next week.  Having sprinkler issues... 

Kirsty made incredible soup yesterday.  We have a lot of Thai basil.  She made really good Thai basil soup - two versions.  One with shrimp and one tofu.  So delicious.  Coconut milk, lots of basil and not sure what else.


  1. I like my swimmy boy t and his adventures in the water =]