Monday, July 26, 2010

34th Annual Trans Tahoe Relay - Invitational

The Trans-Tahoe relay is a 12 mile crossing, about 150 6-person teams.  This is a great picture highlighting a bit of the chaos and organization at the start of the race.  You can see the first swimmers, just off the beach, and the 150 boats looking for their swimmers.  Also shown, you can see 3 boats with huge orange balloons to help swimmers spot their boat, and our teams spotting each other.  Thanks Mike, our Peninsula Community Center Aquatics Masters coach, for totally setting us up.

Yes, the water is brisk.  The previous month, we were looking at low 50's water temperature.  Fortunately, the sun kicked in, and we had a balmy 63 degrees race day.  The water is so blue, and crystal clear, it's unlike most open water events, and the water itself tastes so fresh, again, in contrast to events like the Alcatraz swims.  It's an early start, with the race at 7:30am, we were up around 5am, to pack our gear, get the boat, and cross the lake.  It's the perfect time, since the weather and water is so calm.

Damon had a huge day in so many ways.  He came off the shore so fast, and had us out front of Tahoe Tessies.  This is just before he finished.  See the boat next to us, getting ready for their transition too?  See how clear the water is?

Great job, Damon.  Off to the races.

Captain Candace

Candace was another part of the fantastic trip.  At times, I am just along for the ride, and don't recognize the magnitude of our endeavor.  Candace is an example.  Just 4 days before the event, we didn't have a boat.  Again, our coach, Mike put out the word, and with lots of calls and pings, we hear we have a boat, and a captain, Candace.  As best as I remember she is the wife of a friend of a friend of a friend.  Still, she takes all 6 of us out, all day.  Sight unseen.  No conversation beforehand.  No agreement of how it's going to be.  She just shows up, ontime, gorgeous ski boat, smile on her face, basically, get it, let's go.  Thanks Candace.  You rock.  So happy to have met you, and spent the day together!

The Gang
From left to right:  Candace, Chris G, Matt T, Chris "Zola" C, and the indomitable Damon.  Missing is John T, Matt's brother (in the water) and me (below).

More later.  Pog wants to be father / son.

Not all business
We met at Sunnyside after the swim to kick off the celebrations.  Well, as it turns out, we pretty much were celebrating the whole day, but you could say we kicked off our land-based celebrations here.  Every now and again, I couldn't help but feeling elated to be a part of team Zola, and at the same time feeling like I was kinda 'special' - in the, well, special sense.  Here, I'm looking particularly short and grey-haired, surrounded by the youngsters.  Yes, that's John on the far right, covering up Damon.  Damon, my shirt never looked so good.  You da man.

From our sponsors
Got Mike?  Yes, we got Mike.  Our awesome coach.  He does so much for us, so quietly.  Well, not so quietly this minute.  We had 7 teams represented, or 42 swimmers here, along with family and friends, I am guessing over a hundred present over the weekend.

Chris is one of the founders of Zola, home of the Brazilian superfood made from acea berries.  I think that's how he stays so young, and an all-around nice guy.  Thanks again, for sponsoring us!  All you readers out there, drink your Zola.

Getting down to business
This is a bit of an odd shot, but I like it for highlighting the beautiful water, clear as can be, and I think this is Matt getting down to business.

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