Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Trans-Tahoe July 17th

This is a picture I took last year, just before the relay.  We started here, took the boats across the Lake, and swam from the other side.  It felt a little daunting at the time.  It's a long long way across....

It turns out, it was a long way, but so much fun.  Prior to, there was so much to worry about.  As a fill-in member of the team, I was nervous about pulling my weight, and as it turns out, my team are guys that have been the best of friends for, well, forever.  Additionally, they are all about 15 years younger than me...  Not sure exactly, but best as I can tell...  So, yeah.

Getting ready
So, this year they asked me to come back.  That's good.  So, getting ready.  I've been swimming pretty good, but missed a couple months, more or less, April and May.  Coming back though, I really didn't worry about it.  I actually started back in lane 2.  I haven't done that in many years, but coach put me there.  Again, it was fine.  I knew it would come back fast.  And, it did.  I just swam probably my fastest 100 meters ever.  1min 19sec.  Yahoo!!  So, I have basically a week left to train.  I think I am as strong as I will get, but I am going to focus on doing 30 minute swims.  The first legs of the Trans-Tahoe are 30 minutes.  It's about 1/2 of our normal workout, but typically, we are swimming 100, 200, 300, sometimes 400 meters at a time, instead of race day, it's more like 1600 meters.  About a mile.  So, I am excited!  It's going to be fun.

Jib Jab
I'll have to get back to this.  Gotta run to the store...Happy weekend!!

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