Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We made it!  This is Paul, Bill and me after swimming from Alcatraz.  It was a great day, a tiny bit overcast, but calm, the water a balmy 61 degrees. That's Ghirardelli Square in the background.  We just finished in the famous Aquatic Park in the San Francisco Bay.

 This is another friend of mine, from the good ole days.  Thanks for coming out to cheer us on!

More fans, Hi Kathy and Kirsty!

Jib Jab
That week I went mountain biking with Paul and Matt, two guys I used to wrestle with, back in 7-8th grade.  As it turns out, Brian wrestled with us too.  To add to the coincidence, another one of my best buddies, Ray just called today.  He is coming out to visit in a couple weeks, and he too used to wrestle with us, way back in middle school.  Could we have ever known we would all meet again in California?

Click for more Alcatraz photos(thanks Brian!)

Thanks for the encouragement to get a new post out!

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