Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going Big with my Garden

We needed some more dirt, so Rigo got some more dirt from a neighbor who was excavating.  This is such a small amount of the fill we used.  Seeing it in scope of the truck was impressive though.

The guys, in action.  You can see the beautiful topsoil pile in front.  I think we had 8 or 9 guys out there, on my little back yard.  See all the dust on the table?  I think that's Rigo, my superstar backyard guy.  He's created three big retaining walls, added fill below, then topsoil on top.  Created a whole new garden for me below the black fence you see.  This hill is super steep.  Didn't think I could gain more garden.  He did it.  I am so happy with him, we are planning to use him to replace the deck, but....

Patio, instead.
So, I have been dreaming about having a gorgeous stone patio, but never thought it was feasible in my backyard.  Well, all that has changed.  Just to give you a hint...see below.
That's Rigo and some of his guys.  Bye Bye deck, hello stone patio.  I am planning on having a nice landing by the sliding glass doors (which you can imagine, behind Rigo, the deck stairs.) With about 3-4 stairs down to a patio that flows right into the grass.  A couple features I am trying to plan in:
- a fire pit
- built-in barbecue, and maybe a whole kitchen thing
- little planter areas for herbs, and maybe flowers or something
More to come.

Seriously, my favorite farmer's market is now Redwood City, behind Sequoia Station.  Sat 9-1pm or about that.

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