Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fruit Trees budding!

It's just a cherry tree, agreed.  Both my cherries were said to have died.  We did a lot of landscaping, and it was particularly close to the cherries.  It was a repeat of the original landscaping in the backyard.  We had a mature cherry, exactly where this one is, and it died.  My gardener said cherries have particularly sensitive roots.  So, he was our casualty.  We replanted 2 more last year, apparently they need each other to pollinate.   Anyways, we did a bunch more terracing work, and the cherries looked like they died.  All the leaves fell off prematurely.  I had the landscaper look at them, and my gardener.  They both said the top one was dead, and the lower one might make it, but could be dead too.  So, it's Spring, and everything started blooming.  Then, I noticed the lower one had some life, and started blooming.  A week or two later, and boom, the upper one starts showing life.  It's so exciting to see him bloom, his demise was greatly exaggerated, to coin a phrase.  :-)

Up front is the Bada Bing cherry, and below is the apricot.  This cherry was said to have a chance.  He bloomed first, and that in itself was great to see.  Below that, the apricot is growing exceptionally fast.  Last year, it's first season, it produced about a dozen apricots, incredibly delicious.  This year it's so much bigger already.  Almost like a vine in the way it grows.  I am doing a little espalier to it.

Here's the pear, on the other side of the yard.  His second year.  He didn't produce fruit last year, but sure looks like he might this time.  Notice the concrete bench.  Still, work to finish around the garden.
That's the Pink Lady apple, with the Meyer lemon in the background.  Yes, this is the one I added, even after having already purchased 3 other apples.  I didn't want to regret not having it.  I've been getting these from our CSA, and they are incredibly delicious.

This is the 'lower' garden.  I just added this terrace.  So far, there's lots of grass and weeds growing down there, but the soil is awesome, and easy to pull the weeds.  We planted closest is the fig, then peach, then nectarine, then plum and 2 apples.  :-)

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