Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Grandkids

That's mom in the middle, and her grandkids.  Starting from top left, Sarah, Kallie, Moira, Bottom left, Emil, Patrick, Mom, Chris, Lauren.

Yes, there was some work getting the previous shot together.  Lauren is getting some help from her aunt Kathy, and Sarah to get her hair ready, and Kallie is enjoying her older cousin, Moira, while her father strums the guitar.  A sweet percussion guitar, I think it's called.  See mom lurking in the back?

Cousins, Kallie, Sarah, and Lauren.  Lewis in the background...  Did I mention Lauren is wearing Sarah's dress and vice versa?

 Kallie, Lauren and Uncle Tim

Pinkie.  I think the CL is Clear Lake.  Not sure about the EO, but 55, well, is '55.  She said she bought it new, but just repainted it, in original colors.

Love the cottage, and plenty of Tiger Lillies. 


Chevy, 62 Bellaire I think.

The parade down Main Street.

We the People, squeezing a little campaigning into the parade.

Ferris Wheel

King and Queen

 Yep, it is.  Newt and his wife made an appearance.

Dodge Dart or Challenger?


No messin around. 


  1. great pics and documentation of our Middle-America-USA trip. Nana looks so lovely and happy surrounded by those gorgeous grandkids. ox

  2. Also like you paddling the cutie nieces in the lake...GOT to get you a sombrero like that =]

  3. Thanks Kirsty :-) It was a great trip, and fun to revisit the pix. Yes, that's a nice hat!