Monday, August 8, 2011

We've got pumpkin!

Checking out my blog options.  This is a photo of my pumpkin using my Droid.  Notice no checkerboard.  I like it.  I am using a new blog app, called Blogaway.  Guess google isn't worried about mobile blog apps yet.

I am reeling in so many of these Italian zucchini, crooknecks, Japanese, and lemon cucumbers, and strawberries.  I totally can not keep up.  We're eating white and red chard every day, every way.  My cup floweth over. 


  1. Love the new photo/blog options without the checkerboard. Shows off your compositions. Seeing the pumpkin in the garden is a thing of magic and promise. I love watching them grow. Thanks for tending our garden Tim. You help cultivate a little magic for all of us =] 143