Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amalfi Coast, Italy

We had a meeting in Pagoni, not far from Naples, and I noticed a sign for the Amalfi Coast.  It's over a range, quite steep hills and narrow roads with tight turns.  In some places, not room for two cars, in fact there were a couple spots where we had a car face-off, and had to back up to let the opposite traffic through.  Another interesting diversion was this goat herder and his flock.  See his herder dog behind the truck?  Totally awesome.
 There was a lot of cloud cover, so the views were a little interrupted, but here's an idea of the rugged, steep hillside, and the coast below, with an olive tree to border.  The olives, and lemons from this area are renowned, well at least the lemons, which are a special variety.
A blurry picture out the car window, showing the steep hillside.  This is characteristic of the houses and terracing around.
Water view from the road.

Gotta love these guys waiting for something.
Here's the beach view from the center of town.
And looking the other direction, here's my travel partner, Mark.

Here is the cathedral in the town of Amalfi, Saint Andrews.  I'm not sure about that much about it, other than it's beautiful, and they were holding Monday afternoon mass just as we visited.  The bells were ringing and so on.  Quite moving.  Apparently it was first built in the 9th century during the medieval times.  Since then, it's been added onto a couple times over the centuries.
Inside St. Andrews Cathedral.

Mark and Luca talking shop.
As we were leaving the church bells started ringing.  Incredible sound adding to the ambiance.  Take a listen and look.

This is the limoncello made from lemons exclusively from the Amalfi coast.  Not much of a picture, but it's the place we purchased.  Super nice shop and people.  The aroma is pungent with lemon, more than limoncello I've had elsewhere.
As night was setting in, and we were driving along the coast, I saw this place, seemingly dangling over an incredibly high cliff.

On the way out of the area, near, or in Positano, Luca, our incredible tour guide and now friend, had a locally famous pizza place in mind.  I did not catch the name, but awesome pizza, served ever so personally by two waiters, all 100 cm of hand-made deliciousness.

Jib Jab
Here's my two traveling buddies to the Amalfi coast.  Luca is the sales exec who invited us to meet with his account outside Naples.  We finished the 2.5 hour drive from Rome to here, and 5 hours of meetings with the customer, and I noticed a sign to Amalfi.  Luca seemed to pick up on it, or had it in mind all along, I'm still not sure which.  Either way, he took us over the range, shown behind us here, to the goat herders, and beyond.  It turned into about a 19 hour day, which sounds either grueling and terrible, or incredibly awesome and a day to remember for a long time.  Last night, Kirsty and I enjoyed our delicious and special Limoncello, and I remembered our fantastic experience again.  Thanks guys, for going for it and taking me with!


  1. Hello Tim,
    thanks for the "incredible tour guide" was my pleasure...consider that we'd time just for a little tour...there is more and more to see.
    Two notes:
    - The meeting with customer was Pagani (at the bottom of the note I put a google map detail of the trip to Amalfi from Pagani))
    - The pizza was "pizza a metro":

    TRIP PAGANI-AMALFI,14.6101&spn=0.222039,0.445976&sll=40.669832,14.606838&sspn=0.111062,0.222988&geocode=FUDBbQIdcADfACnBHUk3LLk7EzFA5GOZH-EJBA%3BFSJbbAIdJAHfAA&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=13&z=12

  2. Luca! Thanks for your comments And map notes. We opened the Limoncella last night on a favorite celebration... St Patricks day. I hope we can show you some San Francisco sites someday soon! Caio!

  3. I want your job Tim! What great travels. And love the ringing church bells. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Debbie, It's so nice to hear from you! Thanks for the nice comments. I do thank my lucky stars about my job, it's fun. That said, I have admired yours as well. :-)