Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona Spain

I'm not sure if this captures the Gothic area, but loved both the scooter and the alley here.  It's so common and gives the feel of being here in Medieval times.
This is the first Gaudi designed cathedral, where he began some of his experiments leading to Sagrada Familia cathedral.  This is, in itself a beautiful church.  Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to his epic work, Sagrada Familia.
This is a nothing area, where are hotel is, and just look.  Even here it's a beautiful part of Barcelona.  This is the Diagonal, at the sea.
The metro here is fantastic.  Super clean, efficient, every 4 minutes or so, and 1 euro per ride.  This is at my hotel stop.  I would Jib Jab more, but I am already from here to Rome, and now Paris.  It's 9am, I am looking out my hotel at the Eiffel Tower.  It's time to continue the adventure!

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