Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parc Guell, Antonio Gaudi

This is a highlight of the trip.  Again, highlighting Gaudi genius.  So fascinating to see.  The famous gecko is around the middle of the stairs there, behind the fountain.  It was crowded when I was there, a weekend and late in the day.  Still, this is the most crowded area, and it wasn't too much.

I did the museum of his house, mid park.  It's small but worth it to get out of the crowd, and see how he lived.  It's really moving.
Mr famous gecko.

Seems like Disney was likely inspired here.
So radical, and beautiful.  Changes every idea you had for wall, corner, ceiling.
Storyteller, fortune teller, jeweler, dreamer.  Sean Penn?
Mosaic tiles and sculptures in the ceiling.
Gaudi designed some fantastic furniture.  Look at this lively piece.  Something Brick Monkey would love.


  1. Sarah says I want to go theres. Take me with you next time. Bring me back something cool.
    I say beauuutiful...bring me back something 'Gaudi" I love that gecko in the garden. Sarah and I are discussing an art project about it.