Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya or The National Art Museum of Catalunya

This is Jesus on the cross from about 1,000 years ago I think.  This piece is about 3 feet tall, and I'm only capturing what's shown, but look at the detail and sophistication of this painted carving.  I feel woefully inadequate knowing the history of this piece or most everything in the museum.  I'm quite fascinated with it all, and hoping my art history family can help fill me in.

I don't know who this is, but it helps explain what's happening in the restoration. See the painting in the archway?  This was removed from a church archway, and relocated to the museum to preserve it.

This is from a church from about 1100 or so.  You can see the mural sections that were removed and moved to the museum on the left, an absolutely amazing process.  The wood statues are amazing in there beauty and detail.  Did I say amazing again?  I can't help it!  I'm not a big museum fan, but loved everything about this one, and (amazingly) it was so uncrowded.

You can see the Catalan Romanesque carvings in setting here.  I believe these were on stakes of some sort in the period, and were used in church processions and other church related theater, which apparently was common in medieval times.
Here is another example of alter and murals.
Lively stone carvings of birds here.

 Jesus telling his apostles to peace out a thousand years ago.  Church was cool back then.
I don't know this artist, but so beautiful.  I think these are modernist era.  Salvador Dali and Picasso paintings in this part of the museum.  The whole exhibit is 1,000 years of Catalonia art.

Another, I am not sure who painted.
By Salvador Dali.  Maybe his father?  They had some Picasso too, but did not allow photos.
Here is a Gaudi piece of furniture.  He was the first to add ergonomics, and always lots of details.  Did you know that's where we get gaudy?
This one reminds me of Kirsty.
Last one.  A glimpse of the view.

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