Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clear Lake in Summer by Emil Welton

Emil Welton

Clear Lake in Summer

Arriving at my cousins’ house on a hot June afternoon,
Grateful to stretch our legs after the long drive.
Our cousins rush out the door and slam into us to give us hugs.
The lake’s smooth surface is broken by our bodies splashing into it
After hurling ourselves off of the pier.
Summer has begun.

The wind combs our hair as we zip down the street,
Veering around corners and weaving back and forth on our bikes
As playing cards rattle between the spokes.
We ride a loop around the town
And race back at top speed.
Riding back through the square,

We park our bikes on the nearest rack
And leave our race for another day since the wafting aromas distracted us.
We order malted chocolate milkshakes
At the shop on the corner.
We sip our shakes, put the dollar on the counter,
And ride home for the day.

Sailing lessons start on the lake the next day.
We gather our things and are sailing in under an hour of lessons.
Skimming peacefully over the water,
We look out over the gigantic lake and can just make out the other bank.
The time comes to sail back to the pier for the day,
So we swing around the boat as they taught us to and glide silently back.

The days fly by quickly and soon it is time for the parade on July fourth.
Crowds line the streets for the big day, anticipating all the beautiful floats
And the hail of candy falling from the sky.
Our float is a small go-kart with CLtel, my uncle’s company’s name, on the side.
With us on our bikes trailing the float, we get loud cheers from the crowds
As we toss candy to feed the masses.

Later in the evening, we gather at the end of the pier
To watch the famous lakeside firework display of Clear Lake.
A few test fireworks are launched, and then the show begins.
The fireworks explode over the lake as bright pinwheels offire.
We kids do our own tiny show afterwards,
But it does not compare to the amazing display we have just seen.

Jib Jab with Tim
This poem is the work of my nephew, Emil, above left in blue.  His cousin Chris in front of him in green.  We joined up with my siblings and their kids in Clear Lake for the 4th of July.  Thanks for the guest post, Emil!  You are a talented writer.  More on the Clear Lake trip.

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