Friday, February 26, 2010

Get it Done, Move On

I am just astounded and amazed by the Olympic athletes.   Mostly, by their drive and focus, to just get it done.  I loved the 2 Americans who won the biathalon ski jumping and cross country skiing event.  Something the US has not had a medal in for 86 years or something.  These 2 guys shattered all that with multiple medals, and finally, gold and silver in their final individual race.  Okay, I was inspired by that.

I am not a figure skating fan.  My only appreciation for it, was getting a break from watching tv over the last two weeks.  Whew, figure skating, I can turn it off.  But, somehow I got caught up in the women's stories this time.  Especially the Canadian, Joannie Rochette.  How tragic, I thought, hearing her mother died suddenly, in Vancouver, coming to see her daughter's life long dream.  Seeing Joannie on the ice, composing herself, blocking everything else out, and just getting it done, was so humbling.  I am in awe.  And last night, you could say she had a couple more days to recover, or a couple more days for reality to set in.  Either way, she absolutely astounded me.  She focused her mind and body, and won a bronze medal.  How courageous.  How inspiring.  Driven.  I can't find words for it.  I feel it in the pit of my stomach.  Proud to be a fellow human, motivated to do more.  Just, wow.

Okay, on another plane, is Kim Yu-na.  She is 19!  She is, by all accounts, the most well known celebrity in South Korea.  For figure skating.  Here is a woman who feels the weight of her entire country's expectations to be the champion.  It has to be gold.  Nothing less will suffice.  Holy smoke!! The pressure.  I compare that to my own goals and aspirations.  I like competing, but squirm with the pressure of other's expectations.  Kim has the eyes of everyone in her entire country staring at her, expecting perfection.  And she gets it done.  And while getting it done, breaks records for the most points ever scored in a skating competition, by a huge margin.  Wow.  Move on, Tim.  Just get it done.

I am also impressed with the 'get back in there' attitude.  Like the ski racers- if they miss their line, don't panic.  Don't go conservative.  Don't get flustered.  The same for the skaters.  When they miss
a jump, get up, and continue.  Live in the moment.  Don't look back.  I watched it in their finishes.  You could see their faces go from disappointment to smiles.  I know it's for the judges, but it gets them to move on too.  I like it!

Jib Jab
The picture is from our trip to Lake Tahoe during the Winter Olympics.  We skied at Squaw Valley, who was celebrating 50 years since the Olympics were there.  It's an awesome mountain, and really awesome to imagine the world's attention right where we were standing...

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