Monday, February 1, 2010

Things to look forward to

Okay, I am using this for notes.  I am sure that is a violation of blogging etiquette.  Please, let it ride, this once.
Two (or 3) future topics:
- Marin Headlands to Stinson 3 day hike - Valentine's day is coming, and this is the most romantic hike in the world.  I'll fill you in on details soon.
- Mt Tam birthday bike ride, shell fest, and all around great time.
- possible additional, Portland's Bailey's Tap Room...

A couple other house cleaning items.  How do you make a table of contents?  Should I add the related items gadget?  how do you put nice photo highlights on the navigation?

Done, Done and Done.
Okay, well, not the related gadgets thing and the photo highlights on the side...another day...

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