Sunday, February 6, 2011

100 posts later... 2,500 unique visits, 24 followers Thank You!

Moira is 18!
It's all part of life's rich pageant. 
On a whim, I wanted to see what was entailed in creating a blog, so, I went ahead and made one. 
We were doing the garden, so it's the san carlos garden.  I made a few posts, and said, okay, that's what it is.  I stopped until Sarah came home for the holidays, and we started cooking, and baking.  Sarah got me going with recipes on blogs, and we really had fun with it, laughing and giggling about all the comments, especially those along the lines of "This is the best recipe ever!  I just used milk for cream, and almonds for walnuts, doubled the cinnamon, and nutmeg, and cut the butter with sour cream... but I loved this recipe!"  I'm laughing just thinking about it, partly because it's funny, partly because that's what we were doing!  So, I started blogging on that.  And, I started noticing formats, styles, and so on.  It's really cool!

Steel cut oatmeal, roasted hazelnuts, pears and sliced banana with milk and brown sugar
So, all the fun online, led to more cooking, and more photos of food.  More posts led to more visits and more visits inspired more posts.

Sculpture granite and ceramic by Tony Stanzione decorated for Christmas Greenwood Village, Colorado
The metrics
And then there are the metrics.  How many visitors, repeat, and unique, and where they are from, city, state, country, continent.  And which posts got the traffic?  It's all really cool, and exciting and interesting and motivating, and just plain fun.

The comments
Okay, it's really all about the comments.  It's really fun to get feedback.  You never know how something impacts someone, so hearing a little bit, it's such a charge to hear from you.  So, if you ever wonder, add a comment.  You'll make my day.

Sarah and Lauren at Nan's
Thank You!
So, I know.  What? Why?  How do you have time?  I don't get it?  I know. I know.  It really is about connecting with you.  I get so much energy from others.  Which is selfish.  It's true, and, I know how much I enjoy other people's writing, so thanks for sharing back. 

So, I'm looking for topics, improving my photography, my writing, and growing our community.  We just crossed 24 followers, which is awesome.  I also crossed 2,500 unique visitors.  And all the countries of visitors!  US of course, a big band of cities from West to East coast.  There's my family, on both coasts, and Denver.  Sarah at school gives me comments, which I love...and Kirsty, who keeps up too... thanks Goose and Kirsty and then breaking out to others, like my buddy Jennie in Seattle, another who does comments... Thanks Jennie.  And then new friends in Germany and France, Australia, and on and on and on.  I've been writing about swimming lately, and got a comment from a friend who said she was inspired to start swimming again, and another friend sharing my recipes with his family... it's all good.

So thanks to all of you.  You inspire me.  Let me know your thoughts and ideas.
Tim, Dad, Dan golfing Dec 27th, Denver


  1. hi dad. i like the food posts best, which you probably already know. you should totally do a mini segment about your CSA box and recipes to go with the treats you got. you know, seasonal stuff. love you :)

  2. also, tell moira she is really cute

  3. What makes your blog so great is the enthusiasm you have for . . . well, everything! You definitely are one of the most positive people on the planet, and we all benefit when you share your world with us. Thanks for keeping it going! Congrats on the numbers!

  4. @Sarah, thanks! and great idea. I have photos, and love our new CSA.

    @Jennie- ahh shucks. Thanks. It's so nice to hear!