Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rocky Ridge Ride - Mount Tam

Awesome ride,
Fairfax, Deer Park, Rocky Ridge, 5 corners, Bon Tempe dam/lake, Java Hut. 
This is one we have done a few times. It's shorter than some, but some pretty serious hill climbing. It's a lot of fire roads, so plenty of space, but there are some challenging downs, too, and baby-head uphills and a couple really long uphill steeps.  

Jib Jab:
I wish I had a map of the area.  I can see the route, for the most part, but would love to have some reference, from a topo map or something.  I'm not sure how long or how much time we were on the trail.  

By the time we had a brat and a couple beers at Gestalt, it was 2pm.  We started at 10am or 10:15am.  My guess, we were on the trail about 2-2:30 hours.  It was perfect for me.  Hard, but not too hard.  Some long steeps, but not too long.  I cleared some stuff I haven't before.  And some technical sections, that were not too too technical, and again, I completed some stuff I walked/hiked through before.  All in all, I didn't hit it too hard, but somehow was able to stay on top of it more than usual... which made for a great day.  Some really nice progress and successes on the trail, and my trapezious didn't give me any trouble at all.

So, it was a great day for a few reasons.  I got the thumbs-up from the doc, to go ride. First day back on the bike after about a month. We had gorgeous weather- perfect for riding weather, actually. It could have been a bigger ride, but with my nascent shoulder recovery, I asked for a less challenging ride, just to ensure I would be able to ride again soon.  So, Chris and I had a great day on ms mt tam, and then a perfect conclusion at the Gestalt House, in Fairfax.

I have some photos, coming soon.


  1. Ok, color me jealous. Totally awesome pictures Timmy. Can't wait to go!!!