Monday, March 8, 2010

Something New

Patrick is swimming.  Moira and Patrick are getting up for breakfast.  I have been working in the gym.  My fish had babies!  I have a new job.

Peach pancakes with yogurt and peach sauce.  Peaches from Anne and Gary's garden, frozen. 

Pog has been talking about playing water polo next year for about 6 months.  Backstory: He quit soccer to play rugby.  He lasted a few weeks playing rugby, then quit.  So, for a few weeks, he has said, I am going to swim, twice a week.  And the weeks go by.  Pog, do you want to swim?  Not now, maybe later...was the typical response.  I am too tired.  I just want to chill.  Finally, he said, I promise.  I am going to swim twice this week.  Every day, Pog, how about today?  So, Finally, the week goes by, and no swimming.  So, then it's next week I will.

On Monday, he "swam".  It's a struggle.  He can't breathe and stroke.  The other shocker, is he asked me for coaching.  I thought, okay, get in, 1-2 tips, work on it, I will go do something else.  But he wanted me to stay.  And he kept working at it.  He had so much to learn.  At once, it was hard to see how far he had to go, and at the same time, admiring his determination.  I decided to sneak in a target.  500 meters.  And he made it.  It took an hour.  Whew.  Tuesday, he swam again.   Again, it was a struggle, and we set the same goal.  500 meters.   He made it this time in about 40 minutes.  We swam again on Wednesday and Thursday too.  Thursday it was about 30 minutes, and he swam the whole thing with me in the clubhouse.  Then no Friday, or Saturday.  And then, we went again on Sunday.  He was really swimming.  The whole length, breathing, albeit with extraordinary effort, but he had a rhythm going.  Dang!!  I am impressed.  Admiring him.  We went into the gym too, just for a short bit.  He benches about as much as me, he is really getting strong.  On top of it all, he has been talking with me.  Without arguing!  Anyways, I just wanted to jot that down.  It's really nice to think about.

Okay, the breakfast thing.  I've been talking about it, Moira has been talking about it.  She even said, she wants to get up early to sit down and eat breakfast before she goes to school, instead of frantically grabbing the toast Kirsty makes for them (and fruit and cheese).

So, I was thinking about balancing out my carb-loaded breakfast too, so I made oatmeal- steel cut, with filberts I toasted, and Breaburn (sp?) apples, sliced thin, and brown sugar.  Okay, still a lot of carbs there, but including nuts!!  So, this morning, I made the oatmeal, and tried to get Mo and Pog up.  It still seemed like they might, so I put the whole dang breakfast together, and sure enough, Mo comes out, all dressed up, and sits down, actually smiling, eating her oatmeal.  She said, wow, this is really good. (I frigging know!! It's outrageously good!!)  Every time, I am amazed how excited I am to see her happy from my cooking.  Well, anyone for that matter, but especially Mo, and Pog, who are on their own teenage journey.  So, yes, Pog too, but he doesn't like nuts in stuff, so I said what about your protein, Pog?  And strangly, he had this half drunk protien powder and milk thing in the fridge left over.  It looked horrible, so I offered to blend it with my new immersion mixer.  Dude, that thing rocks!!  It pulls the liquid under the blades, so no mess, and it blends like crazy, and so easy to clean!!!  So, yeah, he drank it.  I tasted it, and yeah, very pasty flavor, but drinkable!!  So, yeah.  Stupid, simple, but made my day.  Both kids with a reasonable breakfast.  [Okay, a crazy good breakfast, if I do say so!!]

Okay, there's been trauma in my fishtank.  We've reached a new equilibrium.  And...holy cat fish, we have babies!!  Little guppies everywhere.  I counted about 10.  Way cool.  So far, none of the other guys seem to be eating them we will see...  Can you find him?

Finally, I have a new job.  I am product manager for a telco blade server line.  I am also newly an Oracle employee.  So, a couple of really brief thoughts on that.  1)  I am excited about this product.  Customers love it.  The value proposition is strong.  I have some background in the industry, so I don't feel completely like a fish out of water.  I am working with a team I used to work with.  They asked for me back, which is affirming.  My VP has been given new direction, and has asked us product managers to spend more time with our sales team and customers.  My sweet spot.  It's what I love.  [Jib Jabbing!]
Mom sent us some St Patrick's Day dish towels.  Totally made my day.  Woo hoo!

Okay, sneak peak on another topic.  We need a new family car.  I got a little windfall cash from the end of my Sun stock.  Sarah took the family car to LA for school.  With my new job, carpooling the kids is really getting cumbersome [although I love that little time with the kids in the afternoon].   So, just thinking about what to get.  Then thought, they can have my 10 year old car, and I get something.  So, I am just starting the process.  What to get.  So, I thought.  Hmmm.  How about a Porsche?   So, anyways, not sure it's what I want, but fun to think about.  I was looking at a 2003-2004 Boxster.  Total two seater, very fun looking.  Convertible.  Anyways, just thinking.  Actually, I am afraid I would like it about once a month, and the rest of the time, prefer something more like a Subaru or, more to come on that.  I have been avoiding the BMW thing, but may have to revisit that.

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