Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Paddy's - any minute now!

I got a leg of lamb, a rack of lamb, lots of red and white potatoes, 2 cabbages, bacon, mushrooms, turnips, leeks, Guiness, and other stuff.  Getting the menu together for tomorrow...

Lamb Stew
Mushroom, leek, carrot, kale stew
Irish soda bread
Maybe potato leek soup (okay, maybe not)

I know, not many vegetables.  Hey, that's how us Irish roll. 
By the way, we have plenty of vegetables, other days. 
Can you tell, I am sleep-typing?

Happy Saint Paddy's Day.  Enjoy a drop of the craythur. 
Or, as my dearest sister-in-law says, how about a drop of the creature!

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