Sunday, April 25, 2010

1000 Visits!


If you notice my little counter on the right nav bar, it counts 'unique visits'.  The idea is, if you have been to the site before, it doesn't recount you.  It figures this out, based on 'cookies'.  The thing is, it's not very precise.  I haven't read anything on the accuracy, but based on my experience, it's off by about a factor of 5 or even 10, meaning, actual number of unique visitors may be more like 200.  Anyways, it's all relative, and what's exciting to me is, the more I write, the more visitors, which makes me want to write more...and so on.  I really am motivated by connecting with all of you.  Thanks for reading!  ...So glad to have you as visitors.

A special thanks to those who comment!  I read all these enthusiastically, and I haven't been consistent about it, but I will try to comment back on all of them.

Add yourself as a follower too.  I love these!! The concept is cool.  To be honest, I am not sure what it gets you.  Somehow it seems like you would be notified if I repost, but I don't think that is a given.

Jib Jab
It's been kind of interesting to watch.  I get a few different web metrics, like the geographic location of all my visitors on a map.  It's pretty fun to know people from across the US are reading my blog.  Okay, fair enough, there are some concentrations where my siblings live...  SF bay area, Denver and Cortez CO, and then Ellicott City, MD.  So, those were some of my first, and then, in addition, I notice a bunch of hits around Denver, the bay area in general, the northeast coast, and then some good traffic around Portland and Seattle, my Pacific NW contingency.  And then, I also have visitors as far as Australia, and Germany too!!  Very cool!  I haven't looked to see what gets read the most, but if I had to guess, the mountain biking stories seem to draw a lot of visitors...

Extra Jib Jab
I am watching the SF Giants game as I type.  They are playing the red-hot St Louis Cardinals, and so far, are ahead 2 games to zero in the 3 game series.  Go Giants!!  It's the 4th inning, and we are behind 2-0, so we will see.

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