Sunday, April 25, 2010


Moira went to Prom.  She went with friends, including Christian.  I am so glad she went.  She had a great time.  It wasn't monumental.  She said, if it was my money, I wouldn't have gone. So often, Prom is talked about, and raved about as the thing to do.  It is a special day though.  And it's a day you have to make good yourself.  I'm glad Moira went.  She has good friends.

This is PQ, aka Paul.  What a nice guy.  All of them are so nice.  It makes us parents so crazy happy to see our kids happy.  There's a million stories in these pictures.  Paul and his bow tie.  Moira's dress is from Sarira's sister.  On and on.  It just makes me happy.

I remember for me, I wasn't all that interested in going when I was in high school.  As it turns out, a friend really wanted to go, and invited me, and actually took me.  I was so flattered, and will never forget it.  How special.  Anyways, more pictures to come.


  1. Timmy
    Way to capture the memories. Beautiful youngsters!
    <3 K