Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner in Palo Alto

We went out on a double date last night, with our friends E and J.  They are friends from the neighborhood, that go way back, and we cross paths in a number of our circles, between church, and kids, and the gym, and book club and more.  They have two daughters and a son, our sons are the same age, and one of their daughters is the same age as Moira.  We have done soccer and I think baseball together, E and I used to coach the kids in soccer, Kirsty is in book club...., and already I digress...

Last night was the first time in a long time, we got together, and it really was a blast!  We went over
to their house for delicious margaritas before we left, and were into great conversation and laughing virtually immediately.

Reposado, Palo Alto
We had reservations for Reposado in Palo Alto, on Hamilton, just south of University.  I have seen the place from the street, and as you can see from the picture, it's one of those contemporary makeovers of an old something.  I think it was a creamery or something.  It really is a nice looking place, really impressive architecture and interior design, although I had this feeling of just a little too perfectly done, if that makes any sense - a bit too Palo Alto shee shee (try the link above, and you'll get an idea of what I mean with the flash website, music and animation- just a bit over the top).

Anyway, a really fun place, a bit noisy, but we had an awesome waiter, Mario, and he says, his kids call him Super Mario...which I called him all night long, largely because he was.  A number of us had the Cadillac margarita, which was very fresh, and tasty, and the appetizers came, and were totally impressive, even though it was simply empanadas and guacamole, salsa and chips.  Dang, those empanadas were so good.  Really good fillings.  I wonder what was in them!?
I had the lamb chops, which are not what I think of as a typical Mexican item.  Ironically, they were perfectly cooked, and drizzled with a nice smoky burnt mole sauce, and draped over what was mashed potatoes Mexican style, with chopped cabbage, cilantro, corn salsa sort of thing.  Actually, a really nice combo.  E had the short ribs, which were also delicious, definitely a little more of a Midwest flavor, and the girls had a fish dish, which I didn't get a chance to taste, or really even see.  We kinda huddled E and I chatting, as did the girls.  It was kind of loud to have a whole-table conversation.  Just a note, there is a crow's next area, with a small bar upstairs, which seemed a whole lot for next time.

After dinner, we went for a stroll down University, which would be dumb not to do.  It's such a happening place, and a really nice warm evening.  We were looking for a specific place, a frozen yogurt place.

L'Amour Frozen Yogurt Cafe
Okay, this place also struck me as, hmm, like I was being marketed to?  They have their own formula, different than most of these frozen yogurt places.  There are 10 self serve yogurt machines, I am not going into all the flavors, except for the ones I had, which the mango was stellar, and the red velvet was, mmm, okay, pretty good.  So, you self-serve your yogurt, and then your own toppings- a huge selection, all the usual, and then some.  Probably 50 or more choices.  Then, you weigh in.  It's 47 cents an ounce.  So, yes, it really was amazingly delicious.

Jib Jab
Dang, what a great evening.  One of those dates where you say, geez, why did it take so long to get this on the calendar, and we need to do this more often.  It was one of those times when I was happy to be.  Happy to be married to my princess. Happy to have good friends.  Happy to live in such a beautiful place, and have the resources to do what we do.  Basically, a pretty simple date, all in all.  Aren't they the best?

I really haven't seen their kids in a few years, and seeing them when we arrived was in stark contrast from how I remember them, as kids.  They are young adults.  Seeing them, I couldn't help think of how time is flying by.   And, somehow, I had this feeling of - mm, I look forward to our future, in their hands.  It was really nice to see them, and converse with the new adults, sensing their energy and passion and compassion.

This is my first post using someone else's pictures.  I was thinking I wanted to add some restaurants and so on, but who takes pictures at a restaurant?  Anyways, I think the pics add to the piece, just, they aren't mine.

There are a huge number of great places right around here.  Another of my favs, is the Italian Osteria.  Basically, kitty-corner to Reposado.  There is another place I like, Indian, buffet style.  Really good food.  A fun place to get a bunch of folks together for lunch.  No matter when people show up, lunch is served, and the food is great.  It's called Darbar .

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