Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nice is nice

We were walking to the center of town on the promenade and there is a constant of fancy sports cars here.  Just here is a Bentley and a bunch of Porsche s.   Then the sporty Audi.  See the engine in the rear window?

This was in front of the casino, another Ferrari and the Rolls Royce in the background.  
Almost so many cars, you might miss the sunset.   Lots of natural beauty here.

Moules and Frites, and Ravi had the schnitzel with spagetti.  Is that German and Italian?  Anyways, the mussels were really good, in a curry sauce.  We saw this on many menus, but only this place with the curry.  Ravi, sorry for cutting you off in the picture. 
This is sort of an interesting picture, but you really have to look to see it.  The jet.  Again, like the cars, there are many private jets coming in.  At the end of the beach is the airport, so these planes come somewhat close over the beach.  The water looks so blue, and beautiful.  You can see a few swimmers and tanners.  The beach isn't sandy.  It's like river rocks.  This is just off the promenade. 

 This is on the train to Monaco.  So beautiful.

Jib Jab
Okay, it's like 6am or something.  I should be sleeping.  I'm contemplating a swim, but we have an early morning training Ravi and I need to do.  Some things I want to add, hopefully later.
Dinner last nite (and the night before).  My new friends, the Taits (of which I include Betsy and Steve), but Doug and Karen.  Doug I met at Sun, about 10 years ago.  Anyways, small world, lots of fun.  We ate at Le Universe, both last night and the night before.  The best food I've had in France, since we've been here.  Okay, I am not including the Nutella crepe from the Nokia booth.

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