Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frankfurt Friends and a 7 hour layover

So, the age-old question.  How do you turn a 7 hour layover into the best part of the trip?  Sometimes you have to just go with what life gives.  I let the auto-flight selector pick my route to Nice, and the best fare included a 7 plus hour layover in Frankfurt.  I contacted Mette and Sascha, and said, hey, what are you doing May 14th?  Want to meet in Frankfurt?  Sascha had an additional request.... Tim, can you bring an iPad?  It's not available in Germany yet...

I was looking forward to it the whole flight.   Such wonderful people.  We last saw them 2 years ago, pre-Mark.  Look at him now!  Mr adventure.  I don't have pictures, but Ellen and Mark, both trying to figure out who this guy is in their car.... but as shown, in the pictures...  We re-bonded.  Such a wonderful time.  I love you guys.  Thanks for these pictures.

    Amazing visit, and back to the airport.  All in about 4 hours!!  I hope we can see each other in Denver this summer too!


  1. You turn to the universe and she has a lovely way of turning back to you. Darling pictures of Mette, Sascha, Ellen and Mark. Thanks for sharing find-an-adventure-in-every-corner fella. One of the best layover stories ever.

  2. It really has been quite the fun adventure, sweet pea. And, yes, my best lay-over story ever. I have to add my pix, to these. What a lovely family.