Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice, Biot, Eze, Cannes film festival - Touring the south of France

This is in the beautiful town of Eze, halfway between Monaco and Nice.  It's just a little old village, hanging off the edge of steeps hills, and overlooking the azure blue waters off the south of France, Provence.

This is from the garden on the top.

And then, looking the other way.

Dinner again, at L' Univers.  Best food in Nice, ever.

 My new friends in Biot.  This is Lisi Lopez, and above is Pascal something, the glass blower.  The beach shot is Cannes Film Festival.  Notice the overabundance of yachts.  Okay, one Cannes red carpet shot...

This is me, getting a sunset swim in, last night in Nice.  Thanks for the picture, Ravi!

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