Saturday, April 10, 2010

Siblings in Santa Fe

Okay, two of my siblings are here and two aren't.  Dan and Sheila and their families are here.  It was a total scramble to get here, and I wish I would have made more effort to get at least Kirsty here too.  I ended up flying SFO to LAX to ABQ, but it was smooth enough, and took about 4 hours, and we drove here to Santa Fe, which is about an hour drive.  This is the view out the back.  So Southwest.
Chris, Lauren, Kallie, and Emil in Albuquerque.

Jib Jab
This is Kallie and Lauren in the snuggle pile.  The 4 of them slept on air mattresses.  As you can see, they like texting, and sending photos.  After about ten words of explanation, Kallie was texting and sending photos to her nieces and nephews and aunts.  Her favorite cousin Lauren was also interested (as shown), and Kallie taught her, and in moments she was doing the same.  Non-stop, all night, then again, all morning.  We already had a hot tub last night.  The water was only 93 degrees, but no one seemed to care.  Virtually the minute we got up (6am my time) we were back in the hot tub.  At least it was 104 degrees.   It's so awesome to be with my nieces and nephews.  There's so much to catch up on.  We all shared our favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, favorite birthday cake, favorite snack...

Below is the snuggle pile at around 645am.  The boys are already up watching cartoons.  They went to bed after me (duh!), and were up just like that.

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