Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, or Pass Over, or happy weekend.

I know, it's the season.  Rainy season that is, in Northern California.  And it did just that, this weekend.  We had a lot of fun, and it didn't rain the entire time, but definitely our fair share.  There were lots of bikes in the picture, but none of us rode.  Chris went out in the kayak, and I think, as much as they down-played it, got the bajesus scared out of them.  The boat went over, and shot into shore, while they were left to fight the surf back in.  I was teasing when I asked Chris if he saw his life flash before him....and he said, yes.  It wasn't as funny as I was thinking it would be...

Today he dropped off a new paddle.  One got lost in the shuffle...eesh.

Well, we did get some sun for the Easter egg hunt.  Yes, the teens are getting a bit old for it, but still, they didn't hesitate...

A lot of the weekend was impromptu fun, as depicted in this picture.  Teens, dog, food, games, festivities. 
We did get some beach time too, though.  Can you see Ellie's ball?  Can you see Ellie?  Can you see why Ellie loves this beach?  It's not always this empty.  I think this was about 830am, on Easter... but it's not too busy a lot of the time.

Here's my weather shot.
And the beach would not be complete without the sunset, supersaturated colors shot.
And the artsy shot of the Madeira we had.  Kirsty's parents had some well aged Madeira, from 1971.  From Portugal, was it?  It was a gift from a dear friend, from about 11 years ago.  Even then, it had already aged over 20 years.  I dusted it off, and got the cork kinda fell apart.  None-the-less, the port was great.  Basically, I found it delicious.  See the chick on top?

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  1. Seeing the Gestalt House, the pictures, an our family and friends in the area makes me think...hmmm fairfax may be a place to move. I love the vibe, politics and pace of west marin. Pog would flourish there...but miss his pal Ivan.
    <3 Your Princess Kirsty