Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kohlrabi Fritters

This is an extra big one, because I wanted to finish off the batter.  You can see, I am still using up my dill on these.  It's a much better combination here, than with the mashers I made.  Anyways, these turned out great.  The recipe is adapted from something I found on another blog, A Hungry Bear.  Is it impolite if I don't hyperlink that? hungry bear.  Okay, I feel better now.  Essentially, the recipe is grated kohlrabi, and onions, then egg and breadcrumbs plus spices, so here we go.

Serves 4.

3 small kohlrabi peeled and grated
1 small onion, peeled and grated
1/3 cup panko breadcrumbs
3 eggs
3-4 Tbsp Olive Oil
Fresh dill
 greek yogurt and applesauce (optional)

Topping options
Kirsty topped hers with a dollop of Greek yogurt and applesauce.  It looked good!

Drain the kohlrabi.  Use a paper towel.  I grated mine a couple days before, so they were pretty excess- water free.You want it fairly dry so your fritters hold together.  Combine with the onion.  Beat the eggs.  Add the panko to the eggs and mix.  Add to the veggies.  Mix thoroughly.  Add the dill and mix.
Heat a pretty good amount of oil in a pan, say 3 Tbsp.  Drop a heaping tablespoon into pan and flatten into fritter.  Brown on each side.  I added a bit more oil, each batch.  The final batch was about 2-3 frittters worth, into one.  :-)

Jib Jab
These are really tasty!!  Do not skimp on the oil, the crispy edge tastes really good.  Get the oil hot to start, to give it that crispy edge of deliciousness.


  1. Despite having eaten breakfast, now I'm hungry!

  2. yes, i want these. I wonder where I can find kohlrabi? Whole Foods?

  3. Cathryn, You're making me smile. :-) Yes, this is a great recipe for breakfast, and I am guessing, it's probably better for you than potato fritters.

  4. Sarah, Hi Sarah. :-) We've been getting the kohlrabi from our CSA (Eating with the Seasons). I've seen them at Whole Foods too. They come with lots of greens, which I haven't been using. Not sure if that's an option too. I really like the consistency of these from the grating. It's a quick recipe to make too, as it turns out.