Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Sky, Montana

You know those days when everything comes together in miraculous fashion? This was day 2 of miraculous skiing days.  The weather was perfect, super cold. We had a foot of fresh powder over the previous two days. I'm heading up the lift with an old high school buddy and his son I hadn't seen in decades and we are looking up at a beautiful bowl of untracked fresh powder. Just then, we see a couple skiers head over to it, and realized it was just being opened. What pure bliss to ski in three dimension, floating through luscious powder. There were so few skiers, we had four runs before we resorted to crossing existing tracks. A ski day I will remember for a long long time. Big Sky Montana has a special place in my heart.
This is a test photo.  I've just learned I am nearing my 1 GB storage limit for Jib Jab with Tim...  What am I going to have to do?  I'm sure there are pay options.  I have been putting off moving to WordPress, although I do want to do that.  But, I fear you are all used to this address.  I would hate to lose you.  In doing my research, I learned a couple things.
  1. There is a pay option.  It's not $20/GB/year as someone posted.  It's $5.00/year for 20 GB.  That would solve my problem for a mere 5 bucks.  Seems reasonable.  
  2.  Secondly, there is also a an accounting detail I wasn't familiar with.  If I reduce my image size to 2048x2048 pixels max, they do not count to my 1GB total.  That, my friends, is the reason for the second photo above.  It's well below the 2048 x 2048.  Take a look.  Let me know.  I think you'll like 3 things about it.  
    1. It loads faster
    2. You can see the whole image on screen
    3. The reduced resolution is hardly noticeable and isn't a drawback.
This is a view back up the mountain, which is hard to see perspective.  On the far right, you can see the chairlift going up to the first saddle.  The peak to center left is accessed by tram, you can see the terminal at the peak.  The bowl in lower left is now skied, because of course we've been skiing it, and I couldn't stop to take photos.  :-)

Here's a better view of the top.  See the tram?  It's a black dot, about 3/4 to the top.  We didn't ski the top on Sunday, but got one run up there Saturday, when the weather was far more dramatic.

Tim, John, and his son Ross.  We had a great day.
 Mike and I heading up the lift, after about 8 inches new.  Yes, that's us trying to smile through our frozen faces.  It was chilly, but great snow.  This is Saturday, whereas above is Sunday.  What a difference a day or two makes! 

I wasn't big on photos on Saturday, as you can see, the weather was a little hectic.  Here's the tram going into oblivion.  The whole top of the mountain was invisible from here.  And once we got to the top, it was a white-out.  Imagine 100% dark/black.  No depth of field.  No nothing.  Except it was white.


  1. Timmy,
    Love the view of the mountain top-gusts of snow in the background. Great pictures of the fellas. Thanks for sharing. =]
    <3 K

  2. Thanks sweetpea! It was quite the trip.