Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shenzhen, China

This is a very small sample of the many many highrises in Shenzhen.  The growth is phenomenal.  Nearby are Huawei and Foxconn (Apple factory) for example.  The city popped up from a farming town less than 30 years ago.

Smart and Trendy here.  Getting ready for Chinese New Year, the biggest celebration of the year.

I would be remiss without adding this photo.  Indoor pool in my hotel.  I've been in the pool every day of this trip so far I think.  I swam here twice, and once at the Sheraton, also a 25M indoor pool.

This is the breakfast that comes with the hotel.  So delicious.  Poached egg, sollandaise sauce. asparagus, slow roasted cherry tomato, like candy.  Emmental cheese, olive topenade on top.

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  1. YES! So glad you're getting your swims in. I like your running catalogue of pools. Might have to investigate how to slow cook our tomatoes. Not keen on the foamy sauces, but I could be convinced with a taste. 143 K