Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hong Kong dining at Bo Innovation

Bo Innovation is a trendy place in Hong Kong, with 'Molecular Gastronomy' cooking taking from traditional Chinese style, and doing a molecular spin on it.  I love this photo, it says so much.  Our waiter explaining the course in front of us, all three tomato items.  Both Tony and I thinking, um, okay.  The first, an incredibly delicious tomato, I think it was super low temperature cooked.  Behind it, our egg waffle 'bread'.  The middle item was also tomato, but I am forgetting the details.  It's a wan ton skin deep fried, I think, with a fancy sauce, something tomato... I wish I could remember.  On the far left exemplifies the food for the night.  it's a tomato marshmallow.  Yes, it has a tomato flavor, oh, and the dried green onion leaf on top.  The wine was paired with the dishes, also quite unique.  A fascinating experience all in all.  The bottle on the left there is a sort of vinegar used, I forget where.

This is the best soup dumpling I've ever had.  Okay, fine.  It's the only soup dumpling I've ever had.  This is a special dish, we were told.  Again, it's a traditional chinese dish (apparently) gone molecular.  The dumpling itself is 'stuffed' with soup.  Across the top is a special ginger.  It was good, and so surprising.  Virtually everything we ate were tastes I was not expecting, and amazingly delicious once I got over the surprise.

This is a nice seared scallop.  What's unique, and our instructions were to divide the scallop into 4 bites, then eat with the four surrounding flavors, the tall was a foamy spicy something, then salty,  then bitter and finally the sweet cherry gelatin in dark red there.  Delicious.

This is two kinds of cod, with seaweed, a really light seaweed like it was baked or something.  Note the little flowers, called something like sisal?  This was delicious too.  As you can see, the bites are small, but both of us were satisfied after we finished.  Really fun!

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  1. Double cool! Thanks for bringing us to dinner. Nice shots and descriptions of your morsels T. ox