Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chengdu, China

Chairman Mao was the first chairman of communist China in 1949 through WWII and beyond.  Here he is in front of the Science and Technology Museum.  As it turns out, he was also a very good swimmer.

There is a huge amount of investment going on in Chengdu, into high technology.  Although we saw some historic sites, the pace of construction and magnitude of new buildings is mind-boggling. 

A building of this size in the United States would likely be the talk of the country.  They thought it was being built for high technology in Chengdu.  The government builds the facilities and brings in high technology companies to occupy the building.

Another high rise condominium building.  It's beautiful, and this photo highlights the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.  The smog is dense everywhere.  I can see it getting thicker as the day wears on, although this was first thing in the morning.  Scary.

This is a teahouse we ate lunch at.  Chilly, but really pleasant.  It's not far from the center of town, and walking distance from our hotel.  This area is known for its spicy food, which we tried and really enjoyed.  Kung Pau chicken done like I'll never forget.  So full of flavor.  Eating here is an experience.  There is no hesitation to get fully immersed, including skin, bones, ligaments, organs, fat and meat.  Not for the dainty.

From left to right, Michael, Victor, and Tony, my travel partners.  Michael is on the sales team.  Victor is our interpreter.  Tony works with me, and lives in Boulder.  All three great people and a pleasure to travel with.

Temple in old part of city.  It's famous, I forget the details, but suffice it to say, a great place to get centered.  Buddhism has something going on.

Updating the Temple lanterns to compact fluorescent for the next 1,500 years.  


  1. Nice candids of your travel partners and the lantern man. Also love the colors in the tea house and I want to try tat Kung Pao, sans the ligaments. Hope you enjoy the Terra Cotta Warriors. 143

  2. Thanks Kirsty! The tea house and the monastery were highlights of the trip. The Kung Pao was so good, as was the rest of the food. Chinese eating is not for the timid! But once you let go, it's excellent. We did do the Terra Cotta Warriors today. It was incredible!