Monday, January 16, 2012

Shanghai, China

This is the chandelier in the lobby of the Intercontinental in Shanghai.  It's a beautiful extravagant modern hotel.  I was admiring this from a distance, and decided to get right under it to take the photo.  it's mounted in a recessed backlit circle which makes the dramatic orange tone ring.

This is a glance at the lobby.  You can see the chandelier in the background.  The flowing lights reminded me of silk.  I wonder if that was the intention.  It's a huge sculpture that flows from the lobby to the bar.  Quite dramatic, as is the rest of Shanghai.  Definitely a world-class city of 20 million people and climbing.

I loved the room and view.  A modern style, yet some finishes adding soft and textures making it contemporary and comfortable.  See the tiles behind the bed?  Really nice couch in front of the window, and of course the huge window facing the train station.

This is looking out the front door of the lobby.  Very difficult to capture the beatiful lighting.  I'm sure it's extra done-up for Chinese New Year.  The energy of the country is picking up as the New Year gets closer.
Ahhhhhhh..... This is one of the most beautiful indoor pools I have ever seen.  It's a full 25 meters, infinity edges, deep and well, perfect.  I so needed that.  I'm looking forward to one more night there, before I leave.  We're very busy, arriving at night to the hotel.  Pre-meeting at night.  Depart at 8am for our meeting in the High Tech Park, then lunch meeting, then 2 hour high speed train to Nanjing.  This is high tech with passion! 

I hope I can get more pictures later, of Shanghai and Nanjing, and maybe more on our return to Shanghai.  Actually, more of Xi'an too...  Lots to talk about!


  1. More great pictures. I love the chandelier and 'silk ribbons'. Is the sculpture in the lobby also made of glass? Yah- a pool! 143

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's glass. If you have seen long silk flag type dances where ribbons of silk are suspended in air, as they are traced through circular motions while dancing. That's what these are representing.