Monday, January 16, 2012

Nanjing, China

Dinner in Nanjing was incredible.  It's apparently a famous old restaurant from maybe 100 years ago.  I wish I got better pictures of the food.  I think my focus was off because of the steam getting to my camera.  Top left is the stinky tofu.  Yes.  Stinky tofu is what it's called, and yes, it's stinky.  Think stinky cheese and you have it.  Top right is in dark, I forget how it's prepared, fish.  Really tasty.  On the same plate is exceptional duck.  In front is arguably the best chicken I've ever had.  The broth is so rich and delicious.  It's spicy hot, but not too hot.  The chicken falls off the bone.  It has an interesting effect on your tongue I asked my local guides.  It makes your tongue tingle, like numb feeling.  Very interesting.

Nanjing stinky tofu.  Think stinky cheese.  Stong flavor, strong garlic-like feeling in your mouth.  Delicious.  Enough said.
This is where we walked to from the hotel for dinner.  Really bustling happening town altogether.  The yellow and red vertical sign is where we ate.

I've seen so much, and still, so little here.  Unfortunately, my battery died just as we were getting in the beautiful bullet train from Shanghai to Nanjing.  State of the art, modern facilities here, for sure.  Not the China we remember from 20 or even 10 years ago.

On the bullet train.  The pinnacle of traveling.

Some fashionable kids walking around in Shanghai.  Made me think of my girls.  Today is Moira's birthday.  Happy 19th Moira!  I love you!

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