Friday, January 13, 2012

Xi'an China

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The Terra Cotta Warriors are a fantastic archeological find, from about 6,000 years ago during the something rather dynasty.  I need to look up more on it.  Actually quite recently, in 1974 was it's discovery.  Buried in a farmer's field, he was digging a well and found one of the soldiers.  Long story short, 8,000 life size warriors have been found buried about 20 feet under ground.  Along with the soldiers, are horses and carriages and other military items including cross bows.  The technology was advanced, using bronze, chrome for swords, and sophisticated casting methods to make large light shields.  Western civilization caught up about 5,500 years later...

Each face on every warrior is unique, with different features and expressions. There is speculation, but possibly there were models for each one.

There are three pits or areas where the soldiers are found.  This is the largest of the three.  The vast building is around 250 M long.  This army was created to protect the emporer in his afterlife.  As it turns out he was about 13 when he had this army commissioned.
Tony and I surveying our troops.
This is a general.  You can tell by his hair and hat, as well as all the ribbons on his uniform.  Having things turned up was a sign of leadership, for example his mustache, his fingers, and his shoes, which you can't see here.  Also, his uniform is 2 layers, unlike the rank and file, with one.

This woman is carving English and Chinese characters into a stamp.  Rather than a signature, a stamp is used to sign documents.

This is the contradiction in China.  The smoke from the factory billows uninhibited.  At the same time, you can see the new cars providing a 'higher' standard of living.

I like the sepia effect here.  It looks like something from generations ago.  A farmer transporting his pigs on a scooter truck.  He's on the main freeway, next to the many new and old vehicles of every kind.  It's quite a mix on the road.
Here's more of a present day composition of my pig farmer.  His scooter truck may not have much life left in it, if the billowing smoke is any indication.
This is a proud and strong warrior looking out, while Tony and Magic inspect.  Magic was our guide, and an awesome guy.  Really enjoyed him.
Me not quite pulling off the serious general warrior.  You can tell the others are a lower rank, as they have fewer ribbons.
Looking out my hotel window.  It's almost unbelievable the level of smog.  Next door is an older crumbling building.  If you can see, there are many new high-rises on the horizon.  China is racing to become a 'leading' country with all the privileges you get from things.


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